Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)
November 8, 2017 15:24 Age: 252 days

New Open Education Positons @ CFL

Mr. Deepak Bhartu, Open Education Design Architect

The Centre for Flexible Learning has reengineered its human resources towards new appointments to enable the mainstreaming of Open Education practices at the University. The two new positions are Open Education Design Architect and Open Education Programme Architect.

Mr. Deepak Bhartu is the incumbent Open Education Design Architect.

About Mr. Deepak Bhartu
Deepak Bhartu holds a Bachelorís Degree, Post Graduate Diploma and Masterís Degree in Computing Science and Information Systems from The University of the South Pacific (USP). He has over 6 years of tertiary teaching experience in Computing Science and Information Systems having worked as a Tutor and Assistant Lecturer with the School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences (SCIMS), USP prior to joining the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL). His interests include use of technology and pedagogy to promote education/open education, design and development of MOOCs and socializing with friends and family.

About his new position
Deepak Bhartu transitioned into the role of Open Education (OE) Design Architect in September 2017 as part of CFLís role in promoting Open Education Practices at USP. The Open Education Design Architect position involves identifying and evaluating relevant technology for adoption/adaptation for OE at USP. It also involves identifying and offering a selection of MOOCs in order to extend the USP brand beyond the USP region, especially in areas such as Pacific Studies, Ocean and Marine Sciences, Climate Change etc.His vision for his new role is that in the near future, at least 50% of all courses at the University adopt Open Education Resources (OER) and Open Education related technologies and practices in their learning and teaching at the university. Additionally in the area of MOOCs, he envisions USP to be a crucial provider of MOOCs for capacity building in Pacific Island Countries (PICs).

Contact details
Office Location: Centre for Flexible Learning, Level 3 Communications Building, USP Laucala Campus.
Phone: +679 3232033
Email: deepak.bhartu(at)usp.ac.fj
Web: cfl.usp.ac.fj | openedu.usp.ac.fj