Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)
July 31, 2017 11:38 Age: 208 days

2017 USP Open Day @ CFL

The 2017 USP Open Day proved to be both an exciting and an enlightening experience for everyone that took part including students, staff and members of the public. The Open Day was held on Friday 28th July 2017 at the USP Laucala Campus with the theme ‘USP – Shaping your future’.

The CFL Open Day committee opted for a cinema concept. The CFL Open Day Committee put together a ‘movie’ showcasing the vital work of CFL to students. The students and the general public that entered ‘CFL Village’ during the Open Day were fascinated by the cinema concept as they were able to understand the work of CFL, visually. 

For students and the general public, watching the ‘movie’ gave them a snapshot of USP student life and how CFL contributed to a student’s learning journey which was also a motivational cue for them to work hard and get a place in USP. The CFL staff enjoyed executing this concept as it enabled visitors alike to get information from a central point (video) which added to the variety of displays, booths and activities around the Campus. 

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