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June 7, 2004 Mid-term review of the AusAID DFL Project (DFLP)

The Project Coordinating Committee of the AusAID DFL project approved the establishment of a mid-term review of this project by the AUSAID agency. Dr Jeffrey Buchanan and Dr Walter Uegama (DFLSC Advisor) have been asked to...[more]

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April 1, 2004 Tosi Mata'utia (Bachelor of Arts) Samoa

I first studied through distance and flexible learning back in 1993; however, it took me six years to get back to the feel and touch of studying again. During that six-year lapse my social life really thrived, but I finally came...[more]

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March 25, 2004 Akhila Sharma wins Top award at DFL Showcase

Dr Akhila Nand Sharma from USP's Education & Psychology Department won the top award ($2000) at the AUSAID sponsored DFL Showcase held at the USP Gymn for the work he did on his postgraduate videobroadcast courses follow link...[more]

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December 12, 2003 Acting VC opens 2003 RCC

The Acting Vice Chancelor of the University Dr Rajesh opened the 2003 Regional Centres Conference today in Suva and here is what he had to say.[more]

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